VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

ETC e-learning CoursesThe LCM is pleased to announce their affiliation with ETS, providers of unrivalled e-learning courses since 1998. The directors, Chris Carter and Sharon Coleman guarantee all students will receive unlimited, personal support from enrolment to certification.

There are many benefits from choosing e-learning including interactive tutorials and online assessments with immediate online marking so no written assignments to be posted, being able to study from home at a time that suits you and no travelling expenses - perfect!

Please note, when booking you will be taken to ETS's secure site to complete payment. In the unlikely event of any technical difficulties or problems accessing your course please contact ETS directly on 01604 879 110.

Once you have purchased your course we will e-mail you with a username, password and access instructions within a maximum of 2 days of receiving your order (usually within just a few hours if ordered Monday - Friday during office hours).


Our easy-to-use online course coupled with our unrivalled support enables you to achieve your professionally recognised certificate in the way that best suits you, so you can then confidently continue with your career, safe in the knowledge that your thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology will stand you in good stead. This qualification is issued by a government approved awarding organisation, and so this accredited qualification will be recognised by the leading insurance companies.

Why take an Online Course in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology?

Anatomy, physiology and pathology is perfectly suited to online delivery. Because anatomy, physiology and pathology is purely theoretical and requires no hands-on or face-to-face interaction, the whole of the subject can be presented and assessed online. You are not left unsupported - you have unlimited contact with an e-tutor who is there to help, guide and encourage to ensure you reach your individual goals. You also have access to online blogs to communicate with other students.

Online Delivery

The body systems and the associated pathology covered in our online Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course can be taken in any order*. You can choose the order in which you take them to tailor your study to your own needs. Throughout the anatomy & physiology tutorial you are presented with questions to test your understanding as you progress. The pathology tutorial suggests sites to encourage you to research and provides comprehensive downloads with the "need to know" information about the medical conditions covered. When you have taken a section of either tutorial you can move on to the online assessments.

*You must have completed modules 3 & 4 prior to starting the Practitioners Massage Course

Course content

1. Understand the organisation of the body

2. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the skin, hair and nails

3. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the skeletal system

4. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the muscular system

5. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the nervous system

6. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the endocrine system

7. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the respiratory system

8. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the cardiovascular system

9. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the lymphatic system

10. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the digestive system

11. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the urinary system

12. Understand the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the reproductive system

Online Assessment

Many distance learning courses involve posting assignments to your tutor and then waiting for them to be marked and then returned. This is not the case for our online anatomy, physiology and pathology course. All assessments are taken online and marked immediately. You can therefore progress faster and without any inconvenience. Once you have demonstrated your understanding by passing these online assessments you can take the Final Assessment.

Final Assessment

This is the only part of the course that must be invigilated. You are encouraged to attend our Assessment Centre in Milton Keynes. We will ask you to bring photo ID and you will sit a final invigilated assessment. This contains 2 papers each containing multiple choice questions with a 70% pass mark and, like every other aspect of our Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course, it is delivered online. There is no waiting for weeks for your result – you know immediately. We hold Final Assessments every 8 weeks and so, not only can you enrol at any time, but you have a broad choice as to when you sit your Final Assessment too.

If you live outside of the UK or if travelling to our Assessment Centre is problematic for you, we can now arrange for you to take your final assessment from the location of your choice. The only requirement is that you do have access to a webcam with both visual and audio functionality.

What happens after I enrol?

We e-mail you with the login details that you use to access the course. You progress through the course at your own pace, supported as required by your e-tutor. Once you have shown your mastery of the subject you elect to sit your final assessment and your VTCT Level 3 Certificate will be sent to you.

Price: £398.00


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